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Steel prices

Old/amortisation heavy steel scrap

  • 112-1 Amortization feedable heavy steel waste (above 8 mm)35 HUF/kg
  • 112-2 Amortization non feedable heavy steel waste (above 8 mm)30 HUF/kg

Steel scrap

  • 114-1 Amortization feedable steel waste (4-6 mm) 30 HUF/kg
  • 114-2 Mixed scrap iron for clipping (3-6 mm)    25 HUF/kg

Reinforcing steel waste

  • 115-1 Feedable reinforcing steel waste (without tangle, concrete)25 HUF/kg

Car wreck

  • 122-2 Wreck car2 HUF/kg

Sheet waste

  • 123-2 Amortization sheet waste, industrial (below 3mm)  20 HUF/kg

pig iron waste

  • 141-1  Feedable machine casting30 HUF/kg
  • 142-2 Non feedable mixed casting (other, not machine)25 HUF/kg

Non-ferrous metal waste prices

Burnt copper and aluminum cables are not allowed to be accepted by law!


  • 211-1 Aluminium skinless cord200 HUF/kg
  • 211-5 Aluminium, mixed profile, conduit150 HUF/kg
  • 212-1 Aluminium drink can100 HUF/kg
  • 213-1 Aluminium ingot iron free one140 HUF/kg
  • 213-2 Aluminium casting 2%130 HUF/kg
  • 214-2 Aluminium, painted, mixed120 HUF/kg
  • 282-1 Insulated aluminium cable20 HUF/kg


  • 221-4 Copper wire1000 HUF/kg
  • 222-1 Copper iron free ht900 HUF/kg
  • 231-3 Brass ht.600 HUF/kg
  • 231-4 Mixed copper refrigerator500 HUF/kg
  • 281-1 Insulated copper cable150 HUF/kg


  • 233-1 Bronze600 HUF/kg


  • 241-1 Lead300 HUF/kg


  • 251-1 Zinc-plate300 HUF/kg


  • 261-1 Acid-proof150 HUF/kg
  • 261-2 Acid-proof non feedable120 HUF/kg

Electric motor

  • 271-1 Electric motor50 HUF/kg

Battery prices


  • 412-1 Battery waste150 HUF/kg

E-waste prices


  • 299-1 Electronic waste10 HUF/kg

Prices are applied in HUF per kg.

The classification of goods takes place after unloading. 

4% of personal income will be deducted from the prices indicated (2011th CLVI. Act).

Wetness will be deducted at chippings.

According to the new metal law (2009. LXI. law, 312/2009. (XII. 28.) implementation government order) in case of non-private supply we can take material only from contractual partners. Private individuals can supply by presenting personal identification, tax card and address card. We ask our partners with production and disassembly waste and our waste trading partners not yet in contractual relation to kindly visit our office to sign framework contract and present necessary documents.

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